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About the Group

The Functional Leaders Forum program consists of several functionally specific peer groups designed to help middle-managers develop the broad functional skills necessary to serve as the department head. 

Membership is intended for those who lead a major functional area within their department, and who have the title of Director or Senior Manager.

The group structure provides leaders the opportunity to learn best practices and strengthen their functional expertise by working with leaders in similar roles at other K-12 ed-tech organizations.


Groups include:

Marketing Leaders Forum
Sales Leaders Forum
Customer Success Leaders Forum
Curriculum Leaders Forum
Product Leaders Forum
Operations Leaders Forum

Membership details

Annual membership is $5,700 and includes: 

  • Development of an individualized Leadership Growth Plan and scorecard
  • 10 half-day meetings per year (via video conference)
  • 10 one-to-one coaching sessions with the group facilitator
  • Quarterly check-ins with the member's manager
  • Access to the Ed-tech Leadership Collective member base


Apply for Membership

Membership in the Functional Leaders Forum is by invitation or application only. If you are interested in joining the group, please complete the form below and the Ed-tech Leadership Collective will follow-up with next steps. 

Functional Leaders Forum