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This Program Management Policy (“Policy”) is established as of this 31st day of January, 2023, defined by the Ed-tech Leadership Collective, LLC (“ELC” or "The Collective"), and establishing the guidelines and expectations of the members of ELC's peer group programs (the “Peers” or "Members"). ELC may update this policy at any time without prior notice. 


Purchased Sessions and Session Expiration

Leadership Forum programs (which includes Revenue Executives Forum, Marketing Executives Forum, Product Executives Forum, Customer Success Executives Forum, Sales Leaders Forum, Marketing Leaders Forum, Product Leaders Forum and Customer Success Leaders Forum) provide Members with the opportunity to participate in a specific number of sessions during a limited period of time.

Members have the flexibility to attend their purchased sessions prior to the expiration date, which are established as follows:   

  • Nine-session membership: Expires one year after the member registration date.
  • Six-session membership: Expires nine months after the member registration date.
  • Three-session membership: Expires six months after the member registration date. 

Members are entitled to attend only the number of sessions they have purchased. If the Member completes all purchased sessions prior to the expiration date and wishes to attend additional sessions, they must purchase another membership. 

After the expiration date, all unused sessions will be considered null and void. It is the Member's responsibility to attend their purchased sessions prior to the expiration date. ELC is under no obligation to honor unused sessions past their expiration date. 


Scheduled Session Times

Session times are established at the time of program registration and documented in the confirmation email provided to the Member at the time of registration.  From time to time, ELC may, within reason, and at its sole discretion, adjust the session day or time, or schedule additional meeting times in order to accommodate all Members wishing to attend the session. However, ELC will make its best effort to ensure session times are convenient for as many members as possible. 


Session Attendance

Members have the flexibility to attend sessions based on their personal availability. However, because members are not required to attend every session, the group size in attendance may vary from meeting to meeting. Sessions will be conducted as scheduled, regardless of anticipated attendance. Sessions with fewer members will provide an opportunity for small group coaching and in-depth conversation between the Members in attendance. However, ELC reserves the right to reschedule meetings as necessary. 


Session Membership 

In order to provide a valuable experience for members of all of the Collective's program, membership will be restricted to those with the appropriate depth of experience functional experience and managerial leadership experience. 

  • Members of the Accelerator Programs are typically qualified during a brief exploratory conversation with the prospective member, or based on a nomination from a sponsoring executive at their company. 
  • Members who enroll for the Collective's Forum programs are responsible for choosing the program most appropriate for their functional responsibilities and level of leadership experience, prior to payment. Executive forums are intended for members at the VP, SVP or C-level. Leadership Forums are intended for members at the Director or Senior Manager level and are typically people-managers. 
  • If the prospective member has any questions regarding potential fit for a particular program, they should contact ELC directly using the form on this page: https://edtechcollective.org/contact
  • If ELC determines that a member is not an appropriate fit for the program for which they have enrolled, the Collective, at its sole discretion, may offer to either reassign the member to a more appropriate program within the Collective, or offer a prorated refund for unused services (minus a 5% transaction fee). If there is a difference in fees (ex. Executive Forum vs. Leadership Forum), the Collective will offer a pro-rated refund of the difference (minus a 5% transaction fee). 


Session Summaries

Following Forum meetings, ELC shall provide summaries of the insights shared during the meeting. Insights, best practices and other information will not be attributed to any specific member of the session, unless approval is received in writing prior to the publication of the session summary. Under no circumstance will ELC knowingly share any information considered to be confidential or proprietary to any company. 

 All members of Forum programs and Accelerator programs are required to acknowledge and agree to abide by the Collective's Confidentiality Policy

In order to provide timely and valuable post-session summaries for members, ELC may utilize audio or AI-based recording or transcription services in order to accurately capture notes. Under no circumstances will the recordings or transcriptions of sessions or group meetings be released or shared with any client or partner of ELC.  

ELC may, at its sole discretion, decide to suspend for any period of time, alter, or cancel this service of providing post-session summaries.



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