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Peer Groups

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Colleagues Invested in Each Other 

The Ed-tech Leadership Collective's professional peer groups are designed specifically for high-potential employees at key points in their career. The rigorous meeting structure and deep K–12 expertise of our members foster an ongoing environment that empowers professional breakthroughs and supports company success. 

Senior Leaders Forum

Vice Presidents and Senior Directors

This cross-functional group is designed to help department heads develop the operating skills necessary to reach the C-suite.


Functional Leaders Forum

Directors and Senior Managers

This group is designed to help middle-managers develop the broad functional skills necessary to serve as department head. 


Program Details

One-to-One Coaching 

The peer group facilitator serves as an executive coach who works with each member to establish their Leadership Growth Plan — a comprehensive document focusing on business objectives, personal leadership objectives, and company priorities. Coaching details:

  • Develop Leadership Growth Plan and scorecard
  • 10 meetings per year
  • Meeting length is 1 hour

Meeting Preparation

Prior to every meeting, members have a one-on-one session with their group facilitator where they’ll analyze progress on the Leadership Growth Plan and prepare a business case presentation to address a roadblock or critical decision they’re facing.

This ensures that each member arrives at the upcoming group meeting well prepared and ready to foster a focused, high-value experience.

Meeting Structure 

Each meeting begins with brief scorecard updates, followed by several business case discussions in which members present on a key challenge they're facing and receive feedback and recommendations from the group.

  • 5-7 members per group
  • Meetings occur via video conference
  • 10 meetings per year
  • Meeting length ~ 3.5 hours 

Peer Group Dynamic 

Peer group members actively participate in a structured format where they provide each other with fresh perspective as well as candid, critical feedback in a safe space. Members are held accountable for accomplishing their stated goals and receive the necessary support to strategize and problem-solve along the way. This rigorous approach allows members to:

  • Deepen their business knowledge
  • Flex their analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Help their peers solve mission-critical challenges

Emerging Leaders Forum

First-time Managers

This cross-functional group is designed specifically to help first-time managers develop their fundamental leadership skills as they make the transition from individual contributor to people-manager.

Forum discussions focus on challenges and questions that members encounter month-to-month, as well as specific skills-based discussions led by the group facilitator. Members learn from their peers' challenges and receive perspective and critical feedback on their own development.



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Program Details:

  • 10-12 members per group
  • Meetings occur via video conference
  • 10 meetings per year
  • Meeting length ~ 2 hours 
  • Quarterly one-to-one coaching sessions