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Committed to Growth

The Ed-tech Leadership Collective helps K-12 ed-tech companies build capacity in their middle management

Members of the Ed-Tech Leadership Collective are people not only committed to growing their business, but they are also committed to growing as leaders and individuals. Through industry-specific talent development programs, members receive strategic guidance and constructive feedback on not just "what" they are doing... but "who" they are becoming as leaders.

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Empowering Professional Breakthroughs

In high-growth organizations, high-potential employees often find themselves in the biggest job of their life. Yet, opportunities for mentoring and professional development are scarce. The Ed-tech Leadership Collective provides a rigorous structure to help high-potential employees develop the leadership skills and contextual knowledge necessary to problem-solve issues they’re facing, while developing the capability to anticipate obstacles they’ll face in the future. 


Industry-specific Expertise

Experienced leadership is at a premium in the ed-tech industry—especially when seeking those who have previously scaled a business. Leadership depth has become a gating factor to company growth, making it critical that Ed-tech companies actively cultivate talent who can lead, communicate and collaborate. The Ed-Tech Leadership Collective is an organization focused solely on the educational technology market. We leverage deep industry expertise and a wide network of professionals to create a supportive community for professional growth. 

Insight and Accountability

The Ed-tech Leadership Collective's members and executive coaches bring sophisticated understanding of the nuances of the K–12 market and a deep understanding of the ed-tech vernacular. The Collective's program frameworks creates an environment that uncovers gaps and blindspots, embraces critical feedback, while scaffolding and celebrating success. 

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