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Marketing Executives Forum

Program Overview:

The Marketing Executives Forum provides C-level leaders and VPs the opportunity to engage with up to a dozen peers to share best practices and gain expert perspective from one another. Monthly sessions feature timely discussions regarding common challenges unique to high-growth, ed-tech organizations. Each session is hosted and facilitated by Ed-tech Leadership Collective founder and managing partner, Collin Earnst.

Consult our Program Management Policy for additional details. 


Program Benefits Include: 

  • Monthly Zoom sessions (45-55 min.) conducted on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 PM ET
  • After each meeting, attendees receive a one-page summary of key takeaways
  • Missed a session? Receive the top-5 insights of what was shared at the meeting
  • Access to exclusive LinkedIn group for members of the program
  • Optional 1-to-1 coaching sessions (reduced rate of $200 per 30-min. session)
  • Invitations to exclusive in-person and online events sponsored by the Ed-tech Leadership Collective

There are three ways to participate:

Attend 3 Sessions

(Subscription expires in 6 months)


Attend 6 Sessions

(Subscription expires in 9 months)


Attend 9 Sessions

(Subscription expires in 12 months)


What to Expect in a Typical Forum Session 

The Ed-tech Leadership Collective's Forum programs provide an informative and enjoyable opportunity to let your guard down and learn from your peers. Discussions follow a schedule and framework, but are casual and collegial in nature.

  • A typical meeting structure includes: 
    • Welcome / Member updates (5 min.)
    • Facilitator frames the discussion topic (5 min.)
    • Group discussion (30 min.)
    • Reflection and Wrap-up –- Members provide brief written and verbal reflections on the day's discussion (10 min.)

  • Members can anticipate having between 7-12 other members at each session. However, since attendance is not mandatory, some meetings may have fewer attendees and will present the opportunity for in-depth discussion and group coaching. 

  • Confidentiality is critical and all members must agree to the Collective's Confidentiality Policy prior to joining the program. 

  • Following each meeting, attendees will be provided with a one-page summary of the insights shared during the meeting. Members who were unable to attend receive a "Top 5 Takeaways" brief. No proprietary or company-confidential information is shared in the meetings or any of the post-meeting documents