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CS Leadership Accelerator (1)

About the Program

The Customer Success Leadership Accelerator program is an intensive coaching and professional development program designed to help K–12 ed-tech companies build leadership capacity in their non-executive leaders. 

Program members participate in a structured process that helps them problem-solve issues they’re facing, while developing the skills and knowledge to anticipate obstacles they’ll face in the future. This rigorous approach allows members to:

        • broaden their customer success skills and learn best practices 
        • deepen their business knowledge
        • flex their analytical and problem-solving capabilities 
        • give and receive peer feedback on mission-critical challenges

Members participate in a peer group of 5 high-potential leaders in similar marketing roles at other K–12 ed-tech organizations. The group meets on a regular basis to share best practices and strengthen their customer success expertise, while developing the leadership capabilities required at the next level of management. Membership is intended for those who: 

        • have responsibility for a major functional area within their customer success department (including implementation, customer support, professional development). 
        • have the title of Director or Senior Manager (depending on company size)
        • are in a people-management role
        • aspire to grow as a leader in K–12 ed-tech 
        • approach their work with integrity, humility, openness and courage 

"This program has been instrumental in refining leadership capabilities, strategic thinking, and business acumen among my team. Witnessing the growth in my leaders who've participated, I recommend this program as a nurturing avenue for professional development for all Customer Success leaders."

        Roya Salehi
        Vice President, Customer Success
        Lexia Learning 

Program details

Annual membership includes:

      • Quarterly one-to-one coaching sessions (60 minutes) 
      • 8 peer group meetings via videoconference (90 minutes) 
      • Quarterly check-ins with the member’s manager (30 minutes)
      • Exclusive membership in the Ed-tech Leadership Collective, a network of K–12 ed-tech executives across multiple functional areas and leadership levels

Annual membership fee: $3,450

One-to-One Coaching

The peer group facilitator serves as an executive coach who works with each member to develop a management scorecard based on their personal and departmental goals.

Members meet one-on-one with their group facilitator on a quarterly basis. Together they review the member’s scorecard to analyze progress and prepare a business case presentation to address a roadblock or critical decision they’re facing. This ensures that each member arrives at the upcoming group meeting well prepared and ready to foster a focused, high-value experience.


Peer Group Meeting Structure

Members actively participate in a structured format where they provide one another fresh perspective as well as candid, critical feedback in a safe space. This fosters a tightly knit group dynamic, enabling members to develop close bonds, learn each other's business challenges and provide deep support. 

Each meeting begins with brief scorecard updates, followed by several business case discussions in which members present on a key challenge they're facing and receive recommendations and feedback from the group.

Members are held accountable by peers for accomplishing their stated goals and receive the necessary support to strategize and problem-solve along the way. 

  • 4-7 members per group
  • Meetings occur via videoconference
  • 8 meetings per year
  • Meeting length ~ 2 hours 


Time Commitment Required

The Customer Success Leadership Accelerator program is an intensive professional development opportunity. Members who invest the necessary time and energy in the process will see the strongest benefits. 

  • Onboarding (5-7 hours over four weeks) -- Members will work with their executive coach to develop a Leadership Growth Plan and Scorecard that will guide their participation in the program and support accountability. 
  • Business Case Preparation (~2 hours per quarter) -- Each member will have 4-5 opportunities to present a business case to address a business challenge or roadblock. 
  • Meeting Preparation (~1 hour per quarter) -- Prior to each meeting, members must update their scorecard and prepare to review progress with their peers. 
  • Executive Coaching Sessions (~1 hour per quarter) -- Members meet with their executive coach four times per year. 
  • Group meetings (~4 hours per quarter) -- Members meet with their peer group 10 times per year for two hours.