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Executive Leadership Accelerator

About the Program

The Executive Leadership Accelerator creates a collaborative environment for high-performing ed-tech executives who share a common commitment to growing their organization and growing as individuals. The program is designed for Vice Presidents and C-level executives who seek to: 

  • Learn forward-thinking strategies from peers who have navigated complex business scenarios
  • Engage in collaborative discussions and business analyses that help them succeed in the C-suite 
  • Increase their ability to influence decisions and manage cross-functionally
  • Share effective approaches for delegating and empowering their team members
  • Enhance their executive presence by continually honing their communication skills and strategic capabilities 

Executive Peer Group Meetings

Members work with a cross-functional cohort of 5 executives to engage in structured business case discussions where they learn from each other's business experience, share new perspectives and provide feedback. Groups meet 10 times per year via video-conference. 

One-to-One Coaching

The peer group facilitator serves as an executive coach who works with each member to establish their Leadership Growth Plan — a comprehensive document focusing on business objectives, personal leadership objectives, and company priorities. Coaching sessions occur 10 times per year. In addition, the executive coach meets with each member's manager on a quarterly basis. 

Time Commitment Required

The Executive Leadership Accelerator program is an intensive professional development opportunity requiring 2-3 hours per month (including onboarding and meeting preparation). Members who invest the necessary time and energy in the process see the strongest benefits. 

Annual Membership Fee