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Overview: The States of Ed-tech Leadership Development

Our latest national survey has identified a stark misalignment in expectations when it comes to emerging leaders’ readiness to reach the executive suite. Ed-tech Leadership Collective Founder Collin Earnst takes a deeper look at the data from this comprehensive industry report, and provides recommended actions that leaders should take to mitigate risk and improve leadership capacity. 


The Three Key Elements of Leadership Capacity

What's required to succeed at the next level? Top performers often struggle when promoted into leadership roles due to an over-emphasis on functional expertise and deficiencies in other crucial leadership competencies. Learn how to prioritize and support the development of leadership skills to move your business forward. 

The Hidden Hurdles of Ed-tech Growth

Nearly 60% of ed-tech executives are struggling to grow their business because they're experiencing the Four Hidden Hurdles of K-12 ed-tech growth. Learn how to identify and overcome these obstacles, while establishing a growth-minded management culture.

Research and Reports

The State of Ed-tech Leadership Development (2024)

The 2024 report provides insights from our national survey of 157 ed-tech leaders, delving into the leadership gaps that persist in most ed-tech companies, and exploring the key competencies required to lead the business forward. In addition, the report addresses the impact of remote-first work environments as well as companies' shortfall when it comes to supporting leaders from historically marginalized populations.

The State of Ed-tech Leadership Development (2023)

Our 2023 national survey of ed-tech leaders provides data and analysis regarding the leadership gaps experienced by two-thirds of ed-tech companies, as well as the business risks associated with a lack of leadership depth.