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Accelerator Programs

Leading with Focused Intensity

The Ed-tech Leadership Collective's Leadership Accelerator programs provide an intensive environment of coaching and professional development that is designed specifically for high-potential employees at key points in their career.

Members participate in a structured process that helps them problem-solve issues they’re facing, while developing the skills and knowledge to anticipate obstacles they’ll encounter in the future. This rigorous approach allows members to:

  • improve their skills as a cross-functional leader 
  • deepen their business knowledge
  • flex their analytical and problem-solving capabilities 
  • give and receive peer feedback on mission-critical challenges

"The Ed-tech Leadership Collective has played a key role in helping our company to strengthen the management capabilities of our emerging leaders. The Collective's coaching and mentorship program, research, and content offer timely guidance, foster key relationships, and help promote a culture of continuous learning."

     Trisha Thomas,
     Reading Horizons

Colleagues Invested in One Another

Each cohort brings together ed-tech leaders from across the industry, making a shared commitment to support one another's professional growth and success. 

Members actively participate in a structured format where they provide one another fresh perspective as well as candid, critical feedback in a safe space. This fosters a tightly knit group dynamic, enabling members to develop close bonds, learn each other's business challenges and provide deep support. 

Groups meet 8-10 times per year and also receive executive coaching support throughout the year, as well. 

Learn More About Our Accelerator Programs

Executive Leadership Accelerator - for department heads at the VP or senior director level

Customer Success Leadership Accelerator - for directors and senior managers within the Customer Success function 

Marketing Leadership Accelerator - for directors and senior managers within the Marketing function 

Product Leadership Accelerator - for directors and senior managers within the Product function